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About Liberty Lodge #31

Freemasonry is the world's oldest and largest fraternity, which has been in existence for at least 300 years.  It's basic tenets are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Liberty Lodge was founded in 1840 and has been active ever since.  It's hisotry is closely intertwined with the City of Liberty.  We promote the traditions of Freemasonry by embracing the nature of Deity, emphasizing self improvement and civc duty



Wors. Master: Steven Burr
Sr. Warden: Matt Terrill
Jr. Warden: Dustin Wiley
Treasurer: Sean Martin
Secretary: Jason Leftridge
Sr. Deacon: Jerry White
Jr. Deacon: Rich Kingman
Chaplain:  Randy Hicks
Marshal: Ron Elliott
Sr. Steward: Norman Bell
Jr. Steward:  Mark Ochoa   
Tiler: Charlie Mitchell

Stone Wall
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